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Prints 60th Rifles (KRRC)

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A set of 6 prints of the 60th Rifles (Royal Americans/KRRC) between 1763-1851. Each print measures approximately 9" (23cm) X 7" (19cm). The print set includes:

1: Chief Pontiac offers peace to The Royal Americans 7th May 1763. 2: Field Officer, 60th Rifles 1824-1827. 3: Officer The Kings Royal Rifle Corps (60th Rifles) in uniform 1830-34. 4: 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles in ambush position during the Kaffir War 1854. 5: 60th Rifles on manoeuvres circa 1860. 6: 60th on foot manoeuvres England 1870.

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Prints 60th Rifles (KRRC)